Course Descriptions

Superior Hiking Trail


All distances are a point to point course on the Superior Hiking Trail.   This means no loops, no out and back and all new scenery and terrain through-out the entire course.  

All course markings are the SHT blue blazes.  Some of the tricky intersections are marked with Grand Traverse markers.

Duluth area  Superior Hiking Trail sections information is available on the SHT website.

Duluth - SHT trailheads

Course Descriptions


The Grand Traverse (27 Mile) start is located at the Grand Portage Trailhead located in Jay Cooke State Park.  Climbing out of the St. Louise River valley is spectatular, the old growth forest and eskers make for a special trail experience. 

The 21 Mile starts at the bottom of Ely's Peak, one of the high points of the 21 mile and 27 mile distance.  Get ready to climb!

The 17 Mile starts by the Magney-Snively  Park.  This course starts by finding it's way down to the bottom and back to the top of Spirit Mountain Alpine ski hill.  Get ready to descend and then go back up.

The 10 Mile start is located in West Duluth. Wildlife, waterfalls and great views await, the city of 80,000 is just below you and you would never know.  This section still has ups and downs and rocky ridges.

Trailhead Locations


 All distances are point to point.  Trailheads offer parking and access for spectators, support crew and those who wish to meet the bus.  

All starting points, except for the Grand Portage trailhead,  are also rest stops. 

Start and Aid Station Locations