Grand Traverse 2019
Saturday, September 28th

Come join us for a day on the trail in Duluth, Minnesota

Grand Traverse

The Grand Traverse is a supported trail run or hike on the Superior Hiking Trail in Duluth, MN.  Choose from four challenging distances, 27 miles, 21 Miles, 17 miles and 10 miles.

Registration is open!

27 and 21 Mile - $65

17  and 10 Mile - $45

Add $10 after September 1st, 2019

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Your Day on the Trail

We offer four distance for the seasoned trail runner and hiker and for those new to trail events to take on a challenge.  

Each section is different and unique enough to keep the new trail hiker/runner and the experienced looking forward to the next waterfall, overlook, rocky outcropping and technical uphill.

Course Descriptions

Support, Transportation and More

We provide everything you need to challenge yourself to a day on the Superior Hiking Trail.

Plan your day on the trail with us, we provide support, transportation to trailheads,  and one great time.

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We are a business commited to creative and fulfilling events for all.

Grand Traverse

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